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There -- I finally left.

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mylo finally got those tax applications finished and mailed to the Infernal Revenue Service.  I said I would leave on my trip the day after that, and I was right -- I did.  Mylo cleaned the egg crates out of the back seat of the go-to-town car, and I threw my suitcase in there and left town!  Off I went to visit my sister in the Twin Cities, and now I'm here!  It takes a long time to drive here, especially with so many rummage sales to stop at.  Down here in the Twin Cities, some of the roads have four lanes.  Four!  You'd think at least one of the lanes would be gravel.  

I was glad to see my sister, and we'll have things to do every day while I'm here.  Tomorrow she's taking me to something called IKEA.  I think it's a breed of cattle.