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The wheat is on!

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Tuesday, August 27, 2013
The wheat harvest is all done, and we had a very good crop.  The Hatzenbuhler family farm got lots of rain this season, and it sure showed!  It should be a good fall for us, too, if it ends up being three months long instead of only six weeks like it was last year.
Sunflowers don't get harvested for a while yet, so I gave Beulah the week off from chores.  She is started with school now -- 4th grade this year! -- and she says they are already learning new things.  They have a class called Social Studies, where you learn about governments, and where all the different states and countries are and how governments work.  When I was in school that class was called Civics, but I guess they can't use that name now because Civics is a car. 
I might have shows in Medora this Labor Day weekend.  I'm still waiting to find out.  It's Mountain Time there, so they may have already told me.
I'll have rock concerts in Iowa and Minnesota and NorDakota this fall.  If you need a rock star to come to your event and give a great concert, I'm your man!  Give me a call -- all my contact inflammation is right here on the website -- and we'll make it happen!  Happy milking!