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The concert in Mobridge was a smash!

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Friday, January 09, 2015
Farmboy Fans ---
Back on the farm now, after last night's concert in Mobridge, SouDakota, for the Mobridge Chamber 2015 Ice Fishing Tournament.  The weather was terrible all day, but that didn't keep the local folks from turning out in large numbers to see my rock concert!  
Mobridge is a nice town.  It's really big!  Must be close to 4,000 people living there.  My show was great, and I posed for photos with at least 15 people there.  They like photos in Mobridge.
  After my concert the weather was still fierce, so I stayed over the night at the Wrangler Inn.  (When I saw the hotel sign it looked like it said "Wangler Inn" and I thought it might be somebody we know.)  Had a great pizza after the show from Gas & Goodies right on the main highway; go there if you get a chance.
This morning before I left town I had coffee and doughnuts at FIller's Bakery.  Wunderbar!!  That was really, really good food!  Those are the best pastries I've had in all of SouDakota -- make sure you stop there when you go to Mobridge.
Two days of chores that need doing now; my more productive cows will have to be milked three times yet today.  Thanks, Mobridge, for starting my 2015 International World Tour of North and South Dakota with a bang!