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Thanksgiving on the farm!

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Friday, November 27, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Farmboy Fans! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day yesterday. We had all the family at the house for a big feast, and it was a day we'll never forget. Emma fixed a big turkey, nine different kinds of kuchen, and her sauerkraut stuffing was a smash!
We don't get our Thanksgiving turkey from the store -- every year I get my shotgun and go shoot one of the wild turkeys from that flock up on the hill by the old threshing machine. I thought I cleaned the bird good enough, but there was a little trouble. My brother Darryl started choking during the meal! turns out he was choking on a lead pellet from the shotgun shell; when I did the Heimlich on him and he coughed up that pellet, it shot across the kitchen and broke the window.
I had a three-day concert tour last week: I was on the road for concerts in Watford City and in Grand Forks, during that big wind that we had! On the way to Watford City I drove into the wind, and I had to drive 85 just to go 60. The next day I drove all the way across the state on the Highway 2, and the wind she was still strong! I took the biggup out of gear at Devils Lake, and if it wasn't for road destruction I could have coasted the rest of the way.
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Today is our wedding anniversary, Emma and me! I'm taking her on a special date this afternoon. The sky's the limit -- as long as we're back to the farm in time for milking. Men, find a good woman to marry; I did, and I'm a happy man.

Your rock icon,
Mylo Hatzenbuhler
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