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Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ja, this is Emma yet, writing my blob on Mylo's fancy website.  One of these days I suppose I'll have to leave here and head back to the farm.  I know Beulah misses me, and Mylo called to say he broke the can opener.  I don't want him to starve.  
Today was a busy day.  The sister and I went to the Mall of America to see all the stores, and in the middle of the Mall they have carnival rides.  Guess we got there when the county fair was going.  I never could find the 4H building, though.
That mall place sure is big -- over 400 stores in there.  We don't have that many in all of Emmons County.  I wanted to get a shopping bag from every store, but some of the places wanted me to have to buy something first.  They sure are picky...
I found a farm store and bought Mylo a new pair of overhauls, but I don't know if he'll like them.  Farm stores just aren't the same; instead of a hammer pocket on the leg, these overhauls have a cup holder.

Tomorrow my sister is taking me to some deal called a "spa."  I didn't hear her right the first time; I thought she said "spayed."  Good thing she repeated herself.