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Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Thursday, May 10, 2018
I had a BIG show in Minot, NorDakota this week!  Trinity Health up there puts on a Seniors Fair, and I was a smash!  Those seniors are great, and the luff me!  Hundreds of fans were chanting my name:  Mylo!  Mylo!  Mylo!
Some of them need a little help getting around, you know.  The place was really crowded!  Looked like Sturgis, except with walkers instead of Harleys.
It was a great time!  Not much action in the mosh pit, though.
Tonight (Thursday) I'm in Bismarck for a big convention, and from there I head west for a Friday concert in Terry, Montana, where they make those Terry Cloth towels for drying the dinner plates.  Next week I'm back in Bismarck for a concert again!  Big doings for your favorite rock star!

I still have some open dates for summer shows.  Want to be hero at your town festival, or your family reunion, or that big event?  Bring my rock concert to town!  Nobody forgets my show!