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Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hello, Farmboy fans --

    Sitting here in the kitchen drinking coffee with Emma and watching the rain fall once.  It's supposed to rain all day; probably will

have to get out the boot brush to clean my four-buckles, and probably the cows' hooves too.

    Not too many chores today, and that's good, because I'm still tired from the big weekend tour.  Lieber zeit,  that was busy on Saturday!  I had two rock concerts in two different towns, and I was on the move!  As soon as I finished my first rock concert I had to pack up and head for the other one.  

The schedule was tight!  I felt like a custom combiner. 

    Saturday afternoon's concert was at Lake Sakakawea State Park.  It's really pretty there, just south of Pick City, on the south shore of the big lake.  They had a special day, with free lunch and music, and there was a big crowd!  It was sunny and hot, and people sat under trees or canopies, and there was a huge tent set up, too.  

    From the state park I zoomed down the road in my biggup to Center,  NorDakota.  Center had Old Settler's Day over the weekend, with lots of great things to do, and my rock concert was the Big Event of the day.  I filled the hall with fans, and I rocked out!  After I finished my concert, that Bauman guy (he follows me everywhere) went up on stage and sang for a while.  It was a great night!  After the concert I greeted fans, and posed with them for pictures, and signed autographs until my hand hurt!  Sometimes I sign so many autographs I have trouble milking the next morning.  That's show biz...