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New news for the New Year!

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Saturday, January 19, 2019
Farmboy Fans --

Sorry I haven't been writing on the blob much.  It's always busy around Christmas, and especially right after the first of the year -- that's when I take the census on the farm.  Farm census is tough!  Chickens are hard to count, and the root cellar inventory takes forever, especially since Emma had me do that extra digging last fall to open up a commercial wing in there.  That's where she keeps supplies for Beets Me, the cafe in town she runs.
Ja, Emma's cafe is a big hit!  People are raving about her new recipes for beets.  Even the Dutch folks like them!  Emma put out a cookbook for Christmas!  Everything has beets in it.  "Beet It" is the title.  Ask at your local bookstore.
She even took over my room in the dairy barn where we have the cream separator, and that's why I haven't been writing much.  The separator room is pretty small, but there's room for a desk, and that's where I did my writing -- and kept the stats on the cows, gallons, flow speed, teat percentage, and RPMs (Regulation Pails per Month).  I had to move my whole office to the root cellar -- that took some time!  There's no electricity in the root cellar either, and with our budget being a little tight I had to wait for Christmas to get the presents I asked for:  450 feet of extension cords to run electricity from the two-car crotch to the root cellar.  I have to make my church socks stretch another year.
Even with electricity in the root cellar it's still cold down there, and the time I started the computer to do my writing the computer keyboard was so cold half the letter keys were frozen stiff.  I bring the keyboard into the house now, and to get it warm I put it under the covers when we go to bed.  The first time I did that it took me three days to get Emma settled down again.
Next week I start up my new rock star tour -- the 2019 International World Tour of North and South Dakota!  I'll have concerts all over both Dakotas (kin that order) and in Minnesota too, and who knows where else!  People are calling every day to find out when I can come to their towns. 
2019 is looking great for the Strasburg Superstar, and I'm talking to my recording studio engineer (the high school FFA advisor -- he can do everything!) and making plans for the next Mylo Hatzenbuhler rock star album!  Stay tuned!!