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Ja, Emma reporting again

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm still in the Twin Cities, visiting my sister.  (This is still Emma.)  Mylo's back on the farm.  He took the pickup on tour to Iowa, he's home again now.  He said on the phone how much they loved him, and how much Iowa smells like pigs.
My sister and I fixed a fancy breakfast for the whole family this morning -- I made my special beet pancakes -- then we drove to this farm to visit a corn maze.  Corn mazes must be a lot of fun for city folks, but we farm wives see plenty of corn as it is, and I don't need anyone putting me in the middle of a field of corn and telling me which way to walk.   I stayed in the gift shop.

After we left the corn maze, my sister drove us to a little town where we had ice cream and went through some interesting shops.  We had a great time trying on clothes and hats.  I found some fabric that was perfect for a new rock star outfit for Mylo.  Mylo's a pretty big guy, though, and they didn't have enough of the fabric on hand.  They said to stop back next week when the supply truck was there.  
Tomorrow we go to church, and in the afternoon we'll be visiting family.  I hope Mylo's okay on the farm.