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It's been fun in the Big City

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ja, this is Emma on Thursday, still visiting my sister in the Twin Cities.  People drive too fast here! and they drive too many cars! I wouldn't feel safe living here.  Everywhere you go there is traffic from one side of the road to the other -- it's like the whole city is a Legion baseball field and the game just let out.  I feel sorry for any cows that get loose around here.
We watched the television tonight.  They have 97 channels of tv.  We counted.  That's too many!  You can't even watch something long enough to decide it's not worth watching.  
My sister is trying to take me to every shopping mall in the Twin Cities.  We've been to 14 of them already and I think that's about enough of that.  They all have the same stores with the same dresses or shoes....if I wanted to see the same thing over and over, I'd go with Mylo to the livestock auction.
I might head home tomorrow.  Mylo really misses me.  On the phone tonight he told me he milked all the cows an extra time today, just for the company.

Ja, I'm done once.