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I rocked the Valley!

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back on the farm tonight after another successful concert tour!   Bonanzaville in West Fargo had its annual Pioneer Days yesterday and today, and I was the feature, with two shows this afternoon!  You should have seen me rocking Dawson Hall at Bonanzaville today!  

My first show started with a bang as I sang my signature hit "Born to Be Wide;" I moved smoothly into "I Fought the Cow (and the Cow Won)," and "Help Me Roundup."    "I've Sprayed Everywhere" got the toes tapping, and "To All the Cows I've Milked Before" has never brought the hankies out like that.  

At the second show I opened with "Play that Polka Music" and had a quick dance with one of my fans during the accordion solo.  The momentum built as I sang "Super Cattle Growth Hormone" and "Walkin' the Floor," and I never relaxed!  I tore through "Dairy Man," "Ballad of the Big Buffet," and my rap song "Big John," and before you knew it, the show was over and everyone in the audience stood up and applauded!!   

Thanks to Ashley Boyko and everyone at Bonanzaville for making me feel so welcome; thanks to all my fans turned out for the two shows - I had fun taking pictures with you all, too; and thanks to the Leier family for being my roadies today!  I love rock & roll!