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Go Clippers!

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Here's wishing the Strasburg-Zeeland boys all the success at the State Class B Basketball Tournament!  We're having a pep rally on the farm

this afternoon; even the cows learned a cheer! 

The crowd will be in a frenzy when we start in with

"Schwademache, Schwademache, Speck, Speck, Speck; Strasburg Clippers, weg, weg, weg!"  That's a good cheer.

  Emma's in the basketball spirit, too, in town at her restaurant, "Beets Me."  Everything in Emma's restaurant is made with beets. 

My favorites are the beetsteak, beet-battered fish, and the BLT (beet lettuce and tomato).  She put up a big banner outside.  It says "Go Clippers -- Beet Everybody! 

We're proud of the team, and we hope they win, win win!  Bring home the blue ribbon!