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Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Mylo fans --
The popular "Mondays with Mylo" radio program from KBMW in Wahpeton is on hold for a little while.  I think the announcer is out helping with the beet harvest.  The program should be back soon, so don't start any Monday morning hobbies. 
Things are good on the farm.  Beulah's birthday is this week, and Emma is working hard to get things ready for a nice party!  We have those fancy paper plates and matching napkins, and Emma's cake will be great!  I'm putting up a piñata; that's one of those Canadian things -- you hit it with a stick and maple syrup comes out.  There will be Beulah's favorite games:  Cow Tag, Pig Toss, Barbed Wire Fence Fence Jumping, and her favorite game, "What's in the Bucket?"It's supposed to be about 100 degrees that day, so one of the games will be "Find the Shade." 
I was on tour in SouDakota Saturday!  I had a rock concert in Rosholt, just across the border south of Wahpeton, and I was great!  Rosholt was having a big celebration for the town centennial, and there were people everywhere, visiting, seeing the sights, and watching my concert.  I sang "Plow Man," "I Fought the Cow (and the Cow Won)," "Hens with Low Faces," "My Hair" and lots of other hit songs, and everybody loved me. What a day!  The centennial committee said I was such a big hit they're going to bring me back for the bicentennial. 

Everybody grows corn around there, so corn fields line the road on  both sides.  It's like driving in a forest, except it's corn stalks instead of trees.  I had fans there from NorDakota, SouDakota, Minnesota and more!  It's like the United Nations when I'm on stage!

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