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Emma Hatzenbuhler

Micah Burke - Monday, January 16, 2012

Emma Schwartzenbauer-Hatzenbuhler, the woman who makes Mylo's house a home, is a Strasburg native, and, although she and Mylo grew up in the same town, they never knew each other, because Mylo went to Emmons Central, the Catholic school and Emma went to public school.

 Mylo and Emma met at a concert Mylo was giving in Hot Springs, South Dakota (her family was on vacation); Mylo asked Emma out for ice cream after the concert, and the sparks flew! It was love at first sight, and, as Mylo puts it, "I knew she was the one for me. Now we've been married for twenty years -- ten for me, ten for her."

 Emma grew up on the farm, just like Mylo, so their marriage is a match made in heaven. Mylo has nothing but praise for his bride: "Emma knows how to do everything; she can drive the tractor, gather eggs, she keeps the house looking great, she's a good cook, and the woman's touch is comforting to the cows at calving time."

 Mylo and Emma have one daughter, Beulah; Mylo explains "We named her Beulah because I gave a concert in Beulah, ND the night she was born. It was good timing, because the night before, I was in Zap."