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Crazy summer!

Mylo Hatzenbuhler - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Farmboy Fans --

What a summer it is has been!  It's been rock concerts and thunderstorms for six weeks!  I've almost forgotten how to farm this summer, but I sure have been busy on the rock star tour circuit, and we sure have been busy with the weather! 

Hailstones big enough to bust windows we've had.  With one of the storms we had hailstones the size of beets.  My pickup got clobbered in the hail, but it looks like most of the hail landed in dents that were already there from last summer's bad hailstorm, so the dents that were already there got deeper, but there was no new ones.  
We had one powerful thunderstorm first thing this week, and it made some trouble.  After that storm the computer still worked, and we could still connect with websites, but the television and the phones were out!  So, it was nothing but net.
That storm came in three parts!  We got a lot of rain in the evening, then more rain in the middle of the night, and then more the next morning.  Rain on the installment plan!  I'm used to getting parts for the combine like that, but not thunderstorms. 

June was real busy with concerts.  I started out the month in Nebraska, then I had eight different rock concerts in Bismarck and Mandan, and I closed out the month with a big program for the centennial of the Ludern church in Mercer!  I didn't have a concert for Independence Day, and that was okay, because we needed the rest.

Check my schedule for rock concerts in July.  I'll be covering lots of NorDakota!