Clyde Bauman

The Man Behind Mylo

Clyde Bauman, professional musician and entertainer from Bismarck, North Dakota, is the creator and portrayer of the character "Mylo Hatzenbuhler."

He explains how Mylo came to be:

While a student at Dickinson State College, I performed comedy sketches with a small group of students, one of whom was Henry Smith from Hazen, North Dakota. He and I hatched the idea of a big-time rock band made up of all farm kids, complete with accents and overalls, and from that idea, Mylo and Darryl, the Hatzenbuhler Brothers, were born.

Henry played guitar, I played piano and bass; we recruited some friends to form a six-piece band, and did a few shows on campus. I still can't figure out how, but we instantly developed this huge following. After college, we all went our separate ways. Back in Bismarck, I got the occasional request to do "some of those Hatzenbuhler songs." I ended up performing at the state FFA convention; after that, I started getting inquiries from more and more places, and now I present Mylo about 150 times a year. Who could have thought?

Clyde is married to Janet (who portrays Emma); they have one daughter, Sarah. Their passion for music is blended with their Christian faith in a gospel song ministry. Since 1986, the Baumans have been presenting programs of gospel and inspirational songs for a variety of events. Clyde says, "Our ministry work is so gratifying because it allows us to speak straight from our hearts, to testify of God's truth and our faith in Him. My "Mylo" shows are fun, but this is something more; Mylo is what I do, but a Christian is who I am."

 For information about the Bauman's gospel music ministry, call 701-224-0591 or toll-free 877-438-6956.