About Mylo

The ultimate success story...the dream of millions...a man of the soil transformed into a rock music icon, beloved by untold numbers of fans (at least they won't tell us).

 This is the story of Mylo Hatzenbuhler, the humble farmboy who has become known as the "Strasburg Superstar" to his followers, a fourth-generation fictional farmboy who lives with his fictional wife, Emma, and family on a fictional farm "eight miles east of Strasburg and a half," as Mylo puts it. (NOTE: All quotes not otherwise attributed are Mylo's actual words)

 Mylo S. Hatzenbuhler ("The 's' doesn't stand for anything: my Papa dropped a noodle on the birth certificate") was born on a hot day in August to Alma and Reinie Hatzenbuhler, the second of five children (see fourth-generation for more information on Mylo's family); he grew up in Strasburg, and was just a normal, humble farmboy until that fateful day:

 "The news came over the school loudspeaker that Elvis Parsley had died. I was only 15 at the time, but I remember like it was yesterday; I turned to my 5th-grade teacher and said, 'The world needs me.'"

 Since that day, Mylo has gone on to extinguish himself in the musical world; successfully juggling farming and his rock star career, appearing in 17 states so far, he does concerts throughout the year (except during calving season) and is now known everywhere as North Dakota's biggest rock & roll artist, "The Strasburg Superstar!

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