I had a whole bunch of concerts, all over the place!

Date: 31-Jul-2018


Farmboy Fans -

I am still on rock star tours, but I didn't get anything up on my schedule here, or on my blob for quite a while.  Sorry, fans!  I don't want you to get the wrong idea.  I did not retire and buy a house in town, and there is no such thing as CRP for rock stars. 
In January I was in Nebraska, NorDakota and SouDakota, Montana twice, and in Minnesota for concerts.  Five states in January!  I went back to Minnesota and Montana in February, and I was a big hit! 
After Valentine's Day I did not do any rock star tours until the end of April, because we were calving, and you can't tour when you're calving.  I was real busy with concerts in May; all the concerts were in NorDakota, but I was everywhere!

So, check the schedule here.  I am still a big name, and I have been writing new songs for another rock star big hit song album.  Bring me to your town!