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Welcome to the NEWER and IMPROVEDER Mylo Hatzenbuhler website! I'm Mylo Hatzenbuhler, the Original Rock and Roll Farmboy!  


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You can read my blog, send me an email, check out my Facebook page or stop by the store and buy something, ya?  

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Mylo Hatzenbuhler Albums!

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Visit the store and pick up some tunes for the whole family! I've got six great albums for you to choose from, or you can buy individual songs to enjoy... individually. There's also the Mylo Hatzenbuhler Collection that contains my biggest hits on audio CD, those silver disk things or as digital downloads.



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Want to look like your favorite rock star?  With MyloGear, you can wear the same designs Mylo Hatzenbuhler wears on stage!  MyloGear designs are available on a variety of clothing and accessories.  Click on the blue  "MyloGear" button below to order your own custom-made T-shirt, coffee mug -- almost anything you want!  Cows love it -- so will you!